Music for my soul

The soul is often referred to as the part of ourselves which lives on after we die – the raw, unfiltered and authentic part. It is also an adjective closely connected to Black culture, food and music. ‘Soul music’ ‘Soul food,’ Manu Dibango’s ‘Soul Makossa,’ fill you up and have a distinct warmth, depth and comfort connected to them…..

Fire on the mountain

Being Nigerian is not easy all year round, but last month, being Nigerian was particularly harrowing. The Federal and Gubernatorial elections left most of us defeated, angry and grasping for any indication of how things got so bad….

Vulnerability in Music

There is strength and comfort in vulnerability. We do not always have to view it as a weakness and we can simply just take vulnerability for what it is – exposure. Unfiltered, human exposure.


Music is an anchor to so many of us. It is a source of healing, divination and light. Many religious and spiritual practices rely on music as a way to communicate key messages and emotions for this very reason. I think music is what connects us to spirit. It is why it serves as the first connecting source between humans and God in so many orthodox and non-orthodox religious; spiritual practices. I want to start the year off by briefly discussing music as an otherworldly experience – by presenting it as a medium which is larger than life; larger than us. Metaphysical and spiritual in its own right. Music is a safe place when life feels hard and uneasy. Rọra is an incredibly special and personal playlist to me because it encapsulates all these attributes of music…..

Nigerian Music in 2022

Nigerian Music in 2022 is the first edition of an Indigo Distortion Annual series titled ‘Nigerian Music – the versatility and range’. Through these annual playlists, we intend to curate an expansive selection of Nigerian music and explore the key themes, highlights and musical influences Nigerian artists explored throughout each year. We hope our first edition shows how great, diverse and interesting Nigerian music was in 2022.

Great Albums and Music that Feels Tangible

Music is an intangible sound or collection of sounds. It’s not something you can physically see, touch or grasp but you can feel it, you can become immersed in it and you can hear it. Good music often takes over our senses in ways that feel tangible. Sometimes you can hold a song in your hands. You can taste the emotions when they are undeniably loud and clear…

Embracing Inherent Multiplicity within Pop Music

Photography Art from the Corridors of Power Series by Daniel Obasi (2021) Great pop music demands our attention, irrespective of what we would rather listen to when we are alone. It is bold, often times inescapable and occupies an ironic space. This irony presents itself because pop music and culture appears to be liberating and unapologetic, while simultaneously upholding hegemonic structures of heteronormativity and whiteness….

The Faux Veil of Innocence and Purity

‘Lockness’ Painting by Wangechi Mutu (2006) Innocence is a distraction. It blinds us from the humanity, growth and endurance of young black women and presents us as misconstrued angels. Over the years, pop-culture and music has provided us with iconic figures and blueprints who continuously rebel against the flawed and untrue concept that women are one dimensional and docile individuals….
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