Music for my soul

The soul is often referred to as the part of ourselves which lives on after we die – the raw, unfiltered and authentic part. It is also an adjective closely connected to Black culture, food and music. ‘Soul music’ ‘Soul food,’ Manu Dibango’s ‘Soul Makossa,’ fill you up and have a distinct warmth, depth and comfort connected to them. When something is described as having ‘soul,’ it often means it has a remarkable and distinct quality that is undeniably good.
Through ‘music for my soul,’ I wanted to create a playlist that encouraged an honest confrontation of uncomfortable emotions. I also wanted this playlist to uplift and provide a source of joy in the process. Music which rejuvenates, guides and heals is important to me, for reasons I explained here. It’s why I make ‘self-soothing’ playlists, its why I made and shared ‘rora’ earlier this year and it’s also why I am sharing ‘music for my soul,’ now. Through ‘music for my soul’ I wanted to curate a short collection of songs, which serve as an effective ‘pick me up’ for the hard days. Although the things which speak to my soul may not directly speak to yours, I hope ‘music for my soul’ helps you as much as it’s helped me (if you decide to listen). It may not make your problems feel lighter, but at the very least, I intend for it to make you feel something– and by something, I mean a good and peaceful thing.
I hope you return to it when you feel lost, when there are holes in your chest that self-doubt, fear or loss have hooked themselves through. I hope you listen and feel guided back to your source – whatever or whoever that may be (for me, it’s Allah). I wish I understood this earlier, but knowing your source is one thing, recognising the tools which lead you to said source is another thing entirely. Creating ‘music for my soul,’ was a remainder that music is an important tool for me, and I need to lean on it more often when I feel lost and scattered. With this playlist, I gave myself permission to breathe. I gave myself permission to lean on music again and let it connect me to my core, to my source. For that reason alone, I think ‘music for my soul,’ is worth explaining in this way and sharing with you.
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