rora (ii) - attempts at joy and serenity

music to comfort you in moments of solitude. a collection of healing sounds made with love and care.


a mix of eclectic sounds I enjoyed listening to in October. Please don’t listen on shuffle

music for my soul

a short, but effective ‘pick me up’ for the hard days

the sun is still up

The sun is still up is a short three part playlist. Part i – existential, feeling mortal, human, flawed middle – transition into acceptance of mortality and imperfection Part ii – escapism reflected through the spirit of amapiano and naijapiano

Fire on the mountain

A playlist which explores political and internal chaos.

Come into the water

The playlist is linked to our ‘Vulnerability in Music’ article. Perfect for when you need to sit with your emotions and process.

50 shades of R&B

‘50 shades of R&B’ is a playlist with (yes, you guessed correctly) 50 songs that celebrate everything I love about R&B from its evolution, its longevity and the vulnerability it allows its artists to explore and uphold. The playlist has a mix of different types of R&B. It includes a bit of 90s R&B or music directly inspired by that era, alt R&B, indie R&B, R&B mixed with some afrobeats, a sprinkle of neo soul and most importantly, a lot of emotion.


rọra is a collection of soothing instrumentals, beats and expressions. Great for meditating, relaxing, being still, spacing out, getting lost in the music and returning to yourself. Subtle yet effective.

Nigerian Music in 2022

Nigerian Music in 2022 is the first edition of an Indigo Distortion Annual series titled ‘Nigerian Music – the versatility and range’. Through these annual playlists, we intend to curate an expansive selection of Nigerian music and explore the key themes, highlights and musical influences Nigerian artists explored throughout each year. We hope our first edition shows how great, diverse and interesting Nigerian music was in 2022.

No Skips Pt. II

While creating ‘No Skips Pt. I’ there were so many Nigerian artists and albums that came up but we couldn’t figure out how they would fit into the first playlist. This is why we have a second ‘No Skips,’ playlist which solely features authentic and unapologetically indigenous Nigerian music from great albums.

No Skips Pt.1

This playlist was inspired by the Indigo Distortion article titled ‘Great Albums and Music that feels Tangible.’ Its by no means an exhaustive collection of music, but we wanted to create a playlist which celebrates and showcases some of our favourite songs from iconic and special albums.

Inherent Multiplicity

A collection of music, which is central to the themes and concepts discussed in our article – ‘Embracing Inherent Multiplicity Within Pop Music.’ This playlist showcases the work of artists committed to embracing their inherent multiplicity. These artists constantly challenge and push their creative boundaries by making music which is relatable enough to be ‘pop,’ yet also unique or genre bending enough to feel different and disruptive.


A collection of music, which is central to the themes and concepts discussed in ‘The Faux Veil of Innocence and Purity,’ article. The playlist includes music (by and for black women) which celebrates freedom, embodies confidence and displays a commitment to challenging normative social codes of purity and innocence within black social culture.
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