An album review of Lady Donli’s Pan African Rockstar Album

Pan African Rockstar is filled with authentic and versatile music; enhanced by the richness of indigenous sounds and the boldness of youthful energy through unapologetic lyrics.

Asake’s Work of Art: Basquiat’s artistic legacy and Naijapiano

Great artists often create interesting parallels between visual art, music, literature and media. The connections, which can be made between various art forms are limitless and Asake demonstrates this through his latest album: ‘Work of Art.’ ….

Fountain Baby Album Review

Fountain baby is a release and an escape which brought me closer to joy, colour and light when I needed it the most. It is a sonic universe which celebrates chaos, vulnerability, love, drama and freedom. It’s for the girls who want to have fun, who want to feel loved and who have a volatile tendency to burn everything to the ground, including themselves. Cohesive. Experimental. Vulnerable and Fluid…

Gangster Romantic EP Review

On the Gangster Romantic EP cover, Lojay looks away from the camera and stands against a bright red backdrop. A miniature ice blue heart is surrounded by fragments of shattered glass, which form a spider web across Lojay’s chest. The heartbreak imagery is difficult to miss and the bright red background creates a dual connotation of heartbreak and vibrancy. The cover art pairs well with the music and provides a clear understanding of what Gangster Romantic is about….

More Lust, Plenty Ego - A Review of Wizkid’s ‘More Love, Less Ego’

After months of teasing an album, Wizkid decided it was finally time to share More Love, Less Ego on 11 November 2022. My first listen was at 1am on the Friday the album dropped. After a long day, I decided listening to the album was a much better alternative to sleep….

Progression, Collaboration and Growth - A review of the ‘Young Preacher’ album by Blaqbonez

On 28 October 2022, Blaqbonez released Young Preacher. This album has been on repeat since my first listen. The progression and growth is so clear, cementing Blaqbonez as one of our most interesting and exciting genre bending artists….

A Safe Space - a review of ‘Something New’ by Yinka Bernie

Yinka Bernie’s latest EP is a short collection of music which encourages you to feel uncomfortable emotions instead of burying them. On ‘Something New,’ (28 September 2022) Yinka Bernie confronts feelings of loneliness, sadness and heartbreak, as heard on ‘Who Do You Call’ and ‘Its Okay to Cry….

Nostalgia, Individuality and Hard Truths - An Album Review of CYBERKISS*

BLACKSTARKIDS are a group of three artists called Gabe, TyFaizon and Deiondre. On 23 September 2022, the group released their fifth body of work titled ‘CYBERKISS* – a great collection of indie-pop rock music and rap. CYBERKISS* has a vibrant and youthful tone, which is evident through the creative and musical direction of the project….

Sad Romance and Complaints - An Album Review of Ckay’s ‘Sad Romance’

On Friday, 23 September 2022 Ckay dropped his highly anticipated debut album titled Sad Romance. As a long-time fan of Ckay’s music, I must admit that I was left wanting more. I believe Ckay has the range to create music that sounds a lot more creative and inspiring than what he delivered on ‘Sad Romance’…..

Yes, we can be more - An Album Review of Kokoroko’s ‘Could we be more’

On 5 August 2022, Kokoroko dropped their debut album titled ‘Could We Be More.’ This title sounds like a question, but the deliberate absence of a question mark presents it as a statement, almost as if the collective is demanding a response as opposed to asking for one politely.…

Why Asake is Special - ‘Mr. Money With The Vibe’ Album Review

On Thursday, 8th of September 2022 Asake dropped his debut album – Mr. Money With The Vibe, cementing his place as an artist who has studied every aspect of Nigerian music and pop culture, solidifying my opinion of him as the most exciting artist I have had the pleasure of listening to this year….
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